Your business’s social media profiles are about staying connected with clients and customers, sharing updates with your audience, establishing your brand, and staying relevant. That’s why we post frequently on Instagram, respond quickly to Facebook messages, and tweet and retweet on Twitter, right? If businesses only posted once every two weeks and only created boring formulaic posts, they’d fall into irrelevancy quicker than MySpace and Xanga. You need to stay on top of trends. You need to create interesting, eye-catching, and value-driven content. You need to relate to and interact with your client base. While navigating the social media maze can be difficult, here are four things to help boost your social media interactions.

Professional-looking Photos

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are no longer in their infancy. iPhones and Androids both have developed to the point that everyone can now be a professional photographer. You have no excuse for taking out-of-focus, poorly lit bathroom selfies to be used to establish your business’s social media presence. You need photos that illuminate your company’s missions and goals, ones that bring attention to the hard work of your team, and ones that highlight what a client gets out of your company that other companies can’t offer. You believe your company is unique. Your social profiles are the spot for you to show that it is. Check out Daniel Lemin’s fantastically-detailed article with Convince & Convert which details photography for social media tips.


The widely known and trusted predicted that “80% of all internet traffic will be video in 2019.” So far, the trends of internet usage have not proven them wrong. Especially as a business utilizing social media to connect and influence customers, failing to introduce videos into your marketing and social media strategies might actually leave you in the past. Facebook and Instagram are currently booming with video content and companies are beginning to notice. When it comes to sales, you need to listen to what customers want. According to an article in Social Media Today, “90% of consumers say video can help them make buying decisions.” Let me say that again, 90%! Videos are becoming the difference between making a sale and giving it to your competitor.

Links to Other Sites/Sources

Links to other sites are essential. When you’re citing a statistic, giving information about consumer response to a product, or quoting someone, you want your words to be credible and citing from reputable sources gives you that edge. It also shows customers you aren’t just pulling stats out of thin air, you’re actively researching best practices and proven data which build on the original point of your post. Having links to other reputable websites as sources not only establishes your credibility, but also highlights the hard work of those other companies which, in turn, highlights your own. Other companies will soon start quoting your articles and using you as a reputable source, drawing more traffic to your website and placing yourself in the realm of credible businesses.

Info about Your Company

Some companies over do it on their social media, posting their daily monotonous activities. Others, post random things that have nothing to do with their business or market just to make it seem like they’re actively engaging with their followers. If your post doesn’t provide relevant information or leave a positive effect on a follower, it is virtually useless. Your customers and followers want to know what you do, how you do it, and updates about your company. They don’t need information that doesn’t pertain to them just for the sake of a post. says in their article, “Relevant content that users engage with creates an atmosphere of community. They think, ‘This brand gets me.’ When prospects see content that’s relevant to them, they connect with you on a deeper level. That’s the goal of any marketing or advertising.

You’re a professional. Enable your social media profiles to reflect that professionalism and hard work. Showcase your goals and mission by having clean professional photos, high quality videos, credible content, and engaging posts that draw in more customers. Social media is a tremendous tool for companies and individuals alike. Use it to your advantage.


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