In this age of universal Internet access, starting a blog is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your small business. For business-to-business transactions, marketers with blogs generate 67% more leads than their competition, which means higher sales figures. On top of that, Ramona Sukhraj says in her article for, “a company with a blog is thirteen times more likely to experience a positive return on investment.” What kind of organization would turn down those benefits? Before you jump onto the blog bandwagon, wait just a moment. Without the proper knowledge or vision, your blog might never reach its full potential. Keep these principles in mind when crafting your blog posts and your business will reap the rewards in no time.

Target A Specific Audience

If you plan to gather a following and improve your sales, your blog posts need direction. Identify your audience early in the process and tailor your message accordingly. Of course, you have to know yourself before you can reach others. When you understand your industry inside and out, you can better relate to your audience.

Grab Attention

While 80% of people read a headline, only 20% read the rest of the article, according to the Huffington Post. Once you target that audience, you need to capture their full attention. Create an eye-catching title with a number, if it makes sense in context. Include a strong opening paragraph to reel in your viewers even further.

Provide Relevant Content

Without useful information, that intriguing title goes to waste. Be original and creative with your content, but stick to the topic at hand. Feature statistics and quotations from well-known sources to establish credibility among your readers. Consistently relevant content is the key to developing a loyal following.

Abiding by these principles will provide a solid foundation for your posts, but there is no “ideal” blog. Above all, make it yours! Let the personality of your business shine through your writing. Your style and charm are equally as important for satisfying your readers and building a consumer base. Before long, the results will begin speaking for themselves.


Ryan Pierson is a contributing writer and intern for MarketLeaf Solutions. His expertise lies in his ability to connect with clients, his research, and his ability to look outside the box in his approach to marketing.

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