Most companies at this point have a blog on their website. If they don’t, they either have some other outlet they use to interact and divulge information with their customers or they are seriously behind the game. What a lot of companies don’t do though, is properly post to their blogs and media outlets in a way which both engages their customers and gives them just the right amount of information. Not too much, not too little. Here are some tips on keeping your company’s blog interesting, relevant, and worthwhile.

Post Three Times Per Week If You Can

Too many companies post to their blogs almost every day. No one reads their blog that often and the information they’re presenting can’t be all that useful if by the next day it’s obsolete. Posting three times per week is a good frequency because it keeps your audience engaged, allows you ample time to write a proper post with reliable and interesting information. If you post too often, all of your posts seem to blend together and no single one will stand out from another. If you post too little, your company’s blog won’t have a following and no one will know when you post. Forbes says in their article, “those that post 16-plus entries a month enjoy 4.5 times the amount of traffic as those that upload only 0-4 posts.” That averages to just about one post every two days. Especially for small companies, this can be difficult but it is also worth it. Consider outside help or posting at least once a week.

Keep Posts Relevant and Interesting

You don’t want to beat a dead horse. If you see every other company in your market posting about something, chances are you’re already too late on the trend. Post something new, something original. If you have the same topic, use different bullet points and ideas. No sense in reiterating something that people have already heard from three different articles. Make your posts stand out. Make them as unique as your company.

Make Your Posts Credible

Don’t pump out a blog post with information from unknown and unreliable sources. It’s a surefire way to prevent people from coming back. Don’t use click bait or other gimmicks to get visitors. They will click into your article, see it for what it is, leave, and never come back to your site. Use reliable sources. Neal Taparia says in his article, “no matter what you write, it should be verified as true. The easiest way to do that is to show proof that the information came from a reliable, credible source, especially for your audience. Evidence-based writing is rooted in good writing, and while it is not always necessary to add a citation or footnote for every piece of content, you must know (and prove) where the information they used comes from.” Be skeptical of your sources and evaluate their reliability. Your visitors are going to lump the credibility of your sources and you together.

Keeping up with your company’s blog can be difficult. Fresh material may be hard to create but it’s even harder to come back from earning a bad reputation from posting nonsense articles or click bait. Your readers want to be able to trust what they’re reading from you and it’s on your shoulders to provide it. Establish your blog’s reliability from the onset and then the only hard part is finding new material to write about and the time to write it.

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